Youth Bow and Arrow for Kids

The bow and arrow is one on of mankind’s earliest weapons. After flint tool spears and knives, the bow and arrow revolutionized how we as humans attacked prey, defended homes and even waged war. This humble little instrument had a major effect in the outcomes of the many crucial wars.

The two main parts of this instrument separately are:

  • The bow – Which is a stringed piece of wire held between the two sides of a flexible post with varying degree of tension
  • The arrow – The projectile which is pointed towards the target and then hurled to penetrate it.

Archery, for kids and teenagers

Stepping into the twenty first century this can be one of the most unique gifts that you can give to your children and get them into a sport which has been around since the beginning of human civilization.

Due to the current state of our society, where too much information is being fed into our heads right form an early age, there is extreme confusion and unhappiness due to very little physical activity. Of course this extends to the kids and adolescents of this generation as well.

Also with the constant bombardment of information, children have become very picky and particular about the type of present they would want from their parents. Typical presents for most young people don’t really cut it anymore unless very specific gifts are given to them. Another trick to surprise them is to also give them unique gifts that can then become a special experience for them.

How about connecting the two together with some decent money savings on your part as well?

Getting kids and teenagers outside into the open air, away from gaming consoles and into outdoor sports is a difficult task. With archery and youth bow and arrow clubs, competitions and activities you can do both.

Also, the basic kits for archery are fairly inexpensive and thus you don’t have to burn a hole in your pocket in order to be able to gift someone such a Kit.

Some advantages of archery as a sport for your children.

It is a very safe sport with almost zero percentage of accidents.

Getting your kid into any highly physical form of games such as baseball, football, basketball or even playing gym room games such as dodge ball and others carries a risk of injury. However with archery there is very little risk of injury. After the review of the archery trade association’s policy of safety first! It has been declared that behind ping pong and bowling, archery also comes in close.

Archery is for everyone.

Unlike some games where you need to be very strong or very tall, archery doesn’t need specific build or prefer genetic composition. All you need is to have is love of the game and enough dedication to stick with it. This is one of the biggest advantages of this sport.

All year round activity, whether indoors or outdoors.

Archery practice in youth bow and arrow clubs happen all year round through all seasons and there are practice courts both indoors and outdoors as well. Being in the sun is great but if it is raining or too cold due to snowing it can be moved indoors easily. There are many styles of archery which are also dependent on these factors. Some of them are target archery, field archery, 3D archery all of which have their specific set ups which can be moved indoors or outdoors. Even for disabled people there is archery, which is even competed at the highest levels in the Paralympics.


To encourage the participation of kids in youth bow and arrow competitions, the NASP (National Archery in the School Program) National Championship gave $77,000 in grants to nearly 11,000 student-archers. NASP isn’t the only association that offers grants. The National Field Archery Association with the Easton Foundations also allocates and dispenses money for this purpose. Somegrantsaren’t even given for youth bow and arrows to be purchased for specific schools which don’t have a program.

Inexpensive to start

The bow and arrow youth kits are very reasonable and can be very easily afforded by the parents. Kids who want to get into the sport can thus easily avail the gear.

Improved demeanor of children who get into the sport

In a meeting of the Archery Trade Association, Anthony Park an archery organizer at Cullman Parks and Recreation in Alabamasaid that if the kids realize they can just let of some steam while focusing and releasing the arrow from the bow, the aggression goes down and even children with vile behavior improve on their classroom demeanor.

The Options for Buying Gear

There are many companies which offer beginner to professional kits and all to fit the specific budget of specific users. Considering a few factors on age, height, proficiency and requirements, you can buy the best youth bow and arrow sets for your kids. Some of the options are mentioned below.

Bear Archery Goblin Youth Bow Package

The Bear® Archery Goblin Youth Bow Set has the Goblin recurve bow with strong composite appendages and bolt rest for both left and right-handed students. The set includes

  • Two Safety glass arrows
  • Armguard
  • Quiver
  • Finger tab
  • Sight pin

Zing Air Storm Z Tek Bow, Green


Another one of the more professional brands of archery gear makers, and one of the top youth bow and arrow sets some of the features are mentioned below

  • 1 cleartek bow
  • 2 zonic shriek arrows
  • 1 zartz bolt
  • If the 2 arrows aren’t enough more Air Hunterz Red Arrow Refillscan be easily arranged.

Bear Archery First Shot Youth Archery Set

This is one of, if not the best starter kits for the young professional of tomorrow and is well suited for both right and left handed individuals. The set includes the following items.

  • 36 in. general length
  • 14-16 in. draw length
  • 8-12 lb. draw weight
  • Durable composite appendages
  • Two Safety glass arrows
  • Armguard
  • Arrow quiver
  • Finger tab
  • Target

Barnett Outdoors Lil Banshee Jr. Compound Youth Archery Set


This is the best compound bow set for starting of the spark of professional archery in kids and it has it won appeal with Realtree Camouflage, Black, and Pink colours for all choices. Some features are

  • Dual handed handle
  • soft-touch grasp for magnificent handling
  • 18-pound draw
  • 18-to 22-inch draw length

Youth Wooden Bow and Arrows with Quiver and Set of 3 Arrows


These youth bow and arrow setsare made from strong wood, and can be a good inexpensive way to start of someone who enjoys target shooting without any considerations to turn professional or train just yet. This is more of toy and not even a semi-professional instrument like the ones mentioned above. This is only meant as an introduction to very small toddler or to just have safe fun.

In Closing

This is one of the oldest and the most connected sports with human kind and what better to way to reconnect and be outdoors than with archery as a sport.