PSE Bow Madness Review

The Bow Madness is a compound bow produced by PSE which is suited for target practices, hunting as well as 3D shooting. The PSE madness offers great benefits and comes with an extended package, it includes aries multi-pin sight, QS whisker biscuit, flexxtech stabilizer, mongoose quiver, PSE neoprene sing, peep sight, string loop, nock loop and also contains warranty card and manual. It is perfect ready-to-shoot compound bow, which fits for all shooters. And, it requires no assembly, once you purchase it, you can immediately start shooting after unboxing it.

Product Specifications of PSE Bow Madness

  1. The eccentric system of the compound bow has its own original ‘Fast Madness Single-Cam.’ It functions in such a way that it has one smooth wheel on the top and the power cam at the bottom of the bow, which makes it silent and enhances its longevity as compared to hybrid and twin eccentric system.
  2. The let -off of the bow is 75%, which enables you to shoot at accurate balance. The draw length of the bow is adjustable between 24″ to 30″, which can be simply done by moving a key and turning the component on the cam. It does not require being press as of older compound bows, the whole process of changing the bow takes not more than 20-30 seconds of the users.
  3. The PSE Bow Madness is one of the fastest bows, the company extrapolates the shooting speed of the bow to 340 FPS which means the weight has to be 70.lbs, 350 grain arrow and draw length of 30″. But according to our findings the average shooting rate of the bow is 310 FPS with the shooting parameters if 350 grain arrow, 60 lbs draw weight and 29″ draw length. This rate is respectable and also considered fast enough to satisfy its customers.
  4. The bow is designed to suppress the noise, but there is a slight sound produced once the arrow is shot for a few seconds, but the sound is not annoying. The package includes a hush kit, which has noise dampeners fixed on both top and bottom limbs, they also take in major amounts of outstanding energy generated.
  5. The vibration of the bow does not last more than milliseconds, though it is prominently felt in the beginning of shooting. More dampeners can be added to stop the noise and to reduce the level of vibration such as an additional string stop and the cable guard silencer.
  6. The limbs of the bow are pre-stressed to maintain the high performance. When they are bent, they extend to their parallel angle, which eliminates the vibration, shock and noise. The grip of PSE Bow is considered to be comfortable and thin.
  7. The grip rubber side panels are placed in proper way which enables hands to sit properly and easily on the grip of the bow. The PSE has “Biomechanically Ergonomic Slim throat” grip which adds up to the plus points of the bow.
  8. The Bow Madness has the light weight of 3.5 pounds as its as thin riser. Mostly, low weight bows have the problem of stability, but the Madness is designed with reflexed riser to eliminate the issue.


  • Now, looking at the pros of the PSE Bow Madness, It requires no bow press and extra parts to adjust the draw length.
  • It has most comfortable grip. It has better shooting speed at the draw length of 28″.
  • It serves three ways, for target practicing, hunting and 3D shootings. Its eccentric system is of single cam which enhances its silence and longevity. It is of a great value for money.


  • As far as its cons are considered, it does not have many negatives to be considered. It is not ideal for beginners; archers with more experience can use it.
  • It is very slightly noisy though not annoying.


PSE Bow Madness is a worthy full product to spend your money on. It is one of the better flagship compounds present in the market. It is designed more for the archers who already have some developed skills, not for the beginners. It is the right choice for 3D shooting and hunting. One will not regret to make this choice.