Martin Archery Blade Compound Bow

The Martin Blade is a high performance compound bow, available at very cheap price in the market. The Martin compound bow is adaptable, its draw length, draw weight and let-off can be adjusted according to the user’s wish. The compound bow is designed in such a way that it suits all types of archers and it delivers at its best. The model is built to surpass all the bows available in the market, in terms of silence, performance and strength. Martin Archery Blade Compound Bow is of high quality, smooth, reliable and accurate in its performance. The bow comes in NEXT G1 Vista Camouflage.

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Martin Archery Blade Compound Bow Product Specifications

  1. The riser of a compound bow is featured with well-organized cutouts that found in other modern compound bows, are aesthetically put in this bow to enhance its silencers like other Martin bows.
  2. It is machined with solid aluminum if compared with other models, having three distinct pieces which adds up to its strength that a higher end bow normally comprehends.
  3. The limbs of the Martin Bow are made out of glass to have consistent and smooth shots at the speed rate of 315 FPS. The addition of this innovative material with the construction of parallel limbs produces a system that devalues the overall noise production and lowers the hand shock.
  4. The limb pockets are bulky, but still they are efficiently designed to enhance the strength of the limbs. The adjustable nature of the bow, which lies between 35-70lbs with a draw press making it useable for various archer belonging to different age groups.
  5. The grip of the Martin compound bow is of saddleback thermal which is of top notch, fits into the hand palms easily. Apparently, grip looks like flat and wide but its leather back forming into carbon fiber side plates makes it comfortable to hold back after releasing the bow.
  6. The leather backing also supports in winters to keep the hand warm. The eccentric system of the bow is efficient and is rated to 315 FPS at IBO and can easily hold at 80% let-off. However, the compound bow does not reach its mentioned speed rather reaches 300 or 305 FPS which is still acceptable to take it to large games and hunting.
  7. Usually, an Allen wrench is used to lower the decrease weight, which in turn, also lowers string tension and shoot ability, instead of all this it has various draw weights placed to position the main string to decrease the draw weight up to 35 lbs.
  8. The cams have adaptable rubber limbs due to which let-off can be adjusted and the draw length between 25” and 31”.
  9. The draw cycle of the Martin Bow is generous with the brace height of 7” which provides more accuracy, it may reduce the speed which is more available in the bows with short brace heights.
  10. The bow is compact and easy to be taken to the woods and long enough to appeal archer. It has an extremely solid shooting platform with full draw, split limbs, solid limb stop and slim grip.
  11. The Martin Archery Blade Compound Bow comes with the silencing package, it has installed Vibration Escape Modules (V.E.M) and silencing arrow shelf which helps to keep the bow quiet by removing of the unwanted vibration. The Carbon Fiber String Suppressing System helps to avoid the string fluctuation each time when the shot is realized and the Vortex Silencer adds to the dampening accessory package.


  • The Martin Archery Blade Compound Bow is a product with many plus point, it is one of best option to be purchased.
  • The large draw weight range of compound bow, which is 35-70 lbs adds to the positives of the product. This range allows it to be used by all age groups of archers. It also has an adaptable let-off with a smooth limb stop.
  • The compound weighs less than the average of 3.75 lbs which makes it suitable to be carried easily for hunting etc.
  • The draw length of the Martin Bow can be adjusted up to 30” and changed without pressing the bow.
  • The leather forming of the bow keeps its grip to be comfortable for shoot. It is available at a reasonable price in the market, easy to be purchased by everyone.


  • Nothing in the markets comes without flaws, there are always a few shortcomings which have to be looked while purchasing so that we don’t face problem for the future and can use it for extended periods.
  • The draw cycle of the bow has momentous bump which dump the shooter at full draw, which can be maintained by a good stabilizer. There is little hand shock and vibration when the shoot is released.
  • The finish is not perfect of the compound bow. It requires a bow press when it has to be adjusted at 45 or 35 lb draw weight.


Martin Archery Blade Compound Bow is an efficient performer with great shooting and a very easy bow to be used by all. Yet with all its good points, bow is not much silent and fast as compared to others in market but in its price it is one of the best production. The individuals looking a bow to start off their archery and the hunters who are ready to hunt for the season must consider this bow. Its efficiency and quality performance will not let them regret their decision.

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