Hoyt Gamemaster 2 Recurve Bow

Hoyt Gamemaster 2 Recurve Bow is a creation by Hoyt, it has never released a low quality product and similarly this recurve bow is no exception. Gamemaster II has durable and ultra slim TEC riser, which functions to take in vibration and to reduce bow hand torque, in turn gives accuracy when arrows are being shot. The brace height of 7” to 8” is very forgiving and helps to prevent wrist slap. The grip of the Hoyt Gamemaster is ergonomic, perfectly polished and give no discomfort even at full draw. All focus can be kept on the target rather than thinking whether the bow is held comfortably or not? The bow is best for hunting, target practicing, 3D shooting and can be used by beginners and experienced archers. It is a high tech bow, many find it to be ugly but it delivers accurate, performs efficiently, gives comfort, its fast bow, accurately transferring energy to the bow. It is one forgiving and right bow for entry level archers and professionals.

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Hoyt Gamemaster 2 recurve Bow Product Specifications

To summarize Hoyt Gamemaster 2 Recurve Bow, it’s an advanced machine in terms of technology and traditional in terms of its built, both technology and tradition coexist in this bow, having so many creative ideas incorporated in it.

PACKAGE: Hoyt Gamemaster 2 Recurve Bow package contains a recurve bow, riser with detachable grip, Flemish strings with 14 strands, limbs with securing bolts, Hoyt’s padded recurve bow case, manual for user and a warranty card.

FIXING THE BOW: This bow is a take-down, the user will need to attach the limbs with the help of bolts included in the package, while attaching the bolts don’t tighten them that later it becomes difficult for them to remove. And, archer also need to fix string to the bow before shooting.

FOR HUNTING: The bow is considered to be “holy trinity” when it comes to hunting. The riser of the Hoyt recurve bow is of slim and sturdy design, making it convenient to use in the woods during hunting. The bow has enough kinetic energy to deliver its performance in any game the archer goes for, that is because of the quality of the string, design of the limbs and riser and of low-vibration.

FOR TARGET PRACTICE: The bow as efficient for hunting and 3D shooting as for hunting. It is stable and accurate recurve bow, can be drawn smoothly and is fast in performance, it is also held comfortably, light in weight and does not swing side-to-side when arrow is released.

FOR BEGINNERS: The Hoyt Gamemaster 2 Recurve Bow is an exception bow for beginners as well for the beginners and experts. It will suits beginners because its brace height makes learning shooting easy for them, the comfortable grip allows to keep focus on aim rather than getting distracted, non-existent of vibration makes the bow more efficient, the mechanism of the bow does not intervene while archer is aiming and the light weight of the recurve bow makes it easy to be carried for longer time.

RISER AND LIMBS: The limbs are of wood and are short in size, they are detachable having one bolt on each side. The weight of limb must be around 47-48 lbs. What makes the Hoyt Gamemaster 2 Recurve Bow gives a distinctive look in the market is its ultra-light TEC riser, it is light in weight as well as durable and made of metal. It helps to reduce the vibration and to control grip torque as well. The handle on the riser can be changed by unscrewing it and replaced by some other handle if required by the archer.

STRING FOR HOYT GAMEMASTER 2 RECURVE BOW: the string of any type will go for the bow but yet the limbs are reinforced to take in Fast Flight string which are already included in the package. They are most reliable and fast strings for the recurve bow. An archer can shoot at least 17000- 20000 arrows.


  • The bow is light in weight to use having slim and durable rise, easy for even beginners to get started with the bow.
  • The bow is stable and accurate as it gets more mass.
  • It reduces torque and vibration which avoids distraction of the shooter.
  • The grip of the Hoyt Gamemaster 2 Recurve Bow is detachable, it can be replaced easily whenever required, thus extending the use of bow.
  • It is very fast bow in the market and has an effective construction which does not gets in while aiming.


  • The product has no such short comings it is being preferred by many customers without any negative feedback, there is just one issue many customers face.
  • Many indviduals don’t like the appearance of the TEC riser.

CONCLUSION: The Hoyt Gamemaster 2 Recurve Bow analysis shows that it is an excellent bow to be used by hunters, beginners, shooters of all levels and skills. Its design makes it a serious bow to be taken out for serious 3d Shooting practices. In the market Hoyt Gamemaster 2 Recurve Bow is most advanced bow with the intermediate price range. The only reason for which someone might not go for it, is its appearance, rest product is well made and highly efficient in its performance

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