Crosman Elkhorn JR. Compound Bow

Nowadays, hunting has become one of major and famous recreational activity for all youngsters and adults, if some youngster wants to learn hunting through arching than Elkhorn is a right choice for them. It is a beginner compound bow designed in such a way to give it a feel of the adult’s bow. This bow is a complete package for the beginners who are getting started with the arching. It is suitable for juniors to use as it is light in weight and provides an equal chance to young archers to learn and attain authorization for hunting.  This junior compound bow comes with various accessories like a quiver device, a protection for an arm, a tab for finger, a container for darts and two special youth arrows made with composite material.

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Product Specifications of Crosman Elkhorn JR. Compound Bow

  1. Elkhorn is designed for the right handed users and its features are made to deliver comfort to juniors.
  2. The bow has a system of cam wheels which is sustained by a heavy-duty all-weather cable and has a cable guard with it to provide strength and accuracy.
  3. It has 33 inches axle, which is also featured in the adult’s bow, thus giving it a real feel of adult bow.
  4. This 33 inches axle is perfectly balanced with 17-21 lbs weight to be handled by a junior compound bow shooter.
  5. It is featured with durable composite limbs which are also heavy weighted; it provides balance while using the bow.
  6. The limbs are integrated with shot riser having a large sight window. The mass weight of the compound bow is about 1lb. 120z promoting proper balance and right feel to arching.
  7. The weight is adaptable in nature, making it easy for youngsters to use.
  8. The maximum draw of the bow is 26 inches; this limit helps to maintain the additional/extended use of the bow.
  9. The bow has 8 inches brace height; it has been exceptionally designed making it different from other similar brand out in the market.


Every product comes with some positive and negative features same like other products in market Elkhorn has few a pros and cons. Now, looking at the good points:

  • Crosman Elkhorn Jr. Compound bow is equipped with latest technology and has an ideal performance.
  • It is aesthetically made for use at beginner’s level. It comes with a complete package for the young archers, offering various sets of accessories.
  • The kit also includes two arrows; the bow and arrow are made of light weighted fibers and heavy duty which at same time suits the junior shooters and also provide the feel of real compound bow.
  • The price of Elkhorn is reasonable; it’s worthy to spend money on it for the young archer. It comes with the warranty with the limit of 90 days. The draw limits enables it to be used for longer period, which means it does not need to be replaced sooner.


Though the Elkhorn is a useful and exceptional product still it has few drawbacks.

  • The Compound bow is rightly designed for the youngsters but it is built only for right handed users, the left handed kids might struggle with the right grip of the bow.
  • The bow is complex equipped with different parts of various sizes and it does not contain any catalogue with it to help starters for assembling the bow.
  • The kit should have one such assembly guide with it to make things easy for the first time.
  • The kit has arrows and other accessories of low quality, its quality could be enhanced more to make it more worth full, better arrows can be purchased from the market.


This junior compound bow is an extraordinary production for newbie. We also wrote about bow and arrow for kids but this Elkhorn JR comes with ultimate package, all accessories which are necessary for arching are included in the kit. It includes, an arm guard, bolts, finger cushion, a sight, perfectly designed and balanced axle. After viewing all the features of the Elkhorn, looking into its pros and cons the ultimate conclusion of the bow is that for beginner Elkhorn is a right choice which will help them in learning hunting, enhancing and developing arching skills.

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