Bear Archery Cruzer


Glancing at the bear archery compound bow, which has a draw range between 12 inches to 30 inches with an adaptable draw weight from 5 lbs. to 70 lbs. It is aesthetically designed to fit for all archers, a perfect compound bow for young shooters and beginners. The weight of the bow is 3.6 pounds only, light enough to be carried by young archers and to shoot with ease, as far as adults are concerned, it is easy to carry for them all day long without any exhaustion. The smaller size of the compound bow makes it ideal choice for young archers. The Bear archery has the features which deliver smoothness and accuracy. The plus point of having Bear Cruzer it comes with complete package, including all accessories required to start hunting instantly.

Bear Compound Package

Bear compound bow package has a complete assembled bow, which has limbs, cams, strings, cables, rise and string suppressor. This is not it, it has everything a shooter requires to start hunting, it also contains a trophy Ridge Whisker Biscuit arrow rest, four pin lighted sights, a stabilizer, a sling, a quiver, nock loop, most importantly manual to help starters fixing it and at last Bear’s warranty card.

Let’s have a look at the Features

The eccentric system (cam) of the Bear Cruzer which is moderate in design giving it a smooth draw cycle. It has let-off of 75%, making it to hold at full draw for an extended use even if limbs are cranked down. The IBO speed of the bow is about 310 FPS, it is reasonably provides a fast arrow trajectory for shooting. The bow has a riser designed with aluminum which enables to operate smoothly and quietly, when string suppressor and stabilizer are added, it becomes more quiet and smooth.

The addition of Trophy Ridge sling enables the archer to shoot with an open hand which eliminates recoil; all of this contributes towards more accuracy. It has target style grip which fits perfectly into the shooters hands. The axle-to-axle length of the bow is only 32″, which makes it easy to contrive in tight quarters. Having the features of short axle-to-axle length and light weight, this bow are perfectly designed for shooters who are at beginner level or need short bow to shoot from a ground blind.

The Bear Cruzer is available in X-TRA green camouflage pattern and also in various other colors. For the accuracy of the bow, riser has slim and target style grip to avoid the torque and has high precision limb pockets. For the delivery of smooth and vibration free release, the Cruzer has the feature of Bear’s Max-preload, limbs to deliver a smooth and vibration free, release. The compound bow generates enough kinetic energy to deliver accurate and killing shots.

Pros of the Bear Archery Cruzer

  • Every product in the market has two sides, having positives and negatives with them.
  • The bear Cruzer comes with the same sides, here are few good sides of the product and the equipment is right choice for the beginners and the ones who prefer short bows.
  • It is light in weight, easy to carry by youngster and adults without any fatigue.
  • It is also very quiet in shooting, making it annoying as string suppressor and stabilizer are included.
  • The bow has adjustable draw weight and length, thus Cruzer can grow with the shooter.
  • The price of the product is not too high, reasonable enough to be bought and it comes with warranty as well. It contains manual which makes easy for new ones to assemble the bow and get started with shooting and the package is fully equipped with all accessories, thus one does not need to purchase anything from the market.

Cons of the Bear Archery Cruzer

  • The cons of the product are very less, many shooters many not prefer short bows and may not opt to buy the Bear Cruzer. And, some archers may not find it fast enough in shooting.
  • The brace height of 6.5 and with extremely short axle of 32″ does not provide as forgiving shoots as other bows deliver. This can be a problem to many archers.


After reviewing the Bear Cruzer Compound Bow, it can be concluded that it is a pretty reasonable choice for beginners and the one who prefer short bows. The design, weight, package all contribute to the plus points of the product and making it a must buy bow to surprise your children or to add a new recreational activity in your list. If you one needs a bow for young ones or to comfortably hunt in limited spaces than Bear Archery Cruzer is the bow for them.